The Young Awards Foundation

Arts opportunities for school children in Mississppi Mills are a vital aspect of a complete education

About the Young Awards Foundation

The Young Awards Foundation’s mission is to foster dynamic arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills. Our principal fundraising activity is an annual gala dinner recognizing artistic and community volunteerism. All funds go toward extra-curricular arts initiatives involving Mississippi Mills schools and/or students.

If you are looking for information about the Young Artist Award, you can find it here.

Young Awards Foundation Mission

The mission of the Young Awards Foundation is:

  • To raise money on a yearly basis to fund extra-curricular arts initiatives involving Mississippi Mills schools and/or students and to administer its disbursement:
    • towards specific arts events or projects (musical theatre, coffeehouses, visual arts shows, etc.)
    • towards bringing artists/performers into the schools (for performances, workshops, mentoring, etc.)
    • towards arts infrastructure (sound and light equipment, instruments for extra-curricular bands, etc.)
  • To facilitate partnerships between area artists (including artists’ groups) and students/schools
  • To celebrate artistic excellence (at all ages), and to inspire young people to choose the arts as a profession and/or an avocation (through the annual Gala)
  • To promote the artistic endeavours of students to the community at large
  • To involve local businesses and corporations in the support of the arts


The Young Awards Foundation owes its existence (and name) to the Noreen Young Bursary and Awards Dinner, an organization that ran for thirteen years and raised over $100,000 for youth in the Mississippi Mills area.

Noreen Young is a well-known puppeteer and CBC personality who was inducted into the Order of Canada in 1995 for her achievements in children’s television. That same year, the Almonte and Area Artists Association honoured her with a dinner. With the money raised from that event, Noreen decided to help make things happen for others in her community. The dinner became an annual fixture, raising money for young people from Mississippi Mills and Carleton Place who were pursuing post-secondary studies in the arts. After thirteen years, Noreen decided to pass the torch to a new group that is continuing to organize a yearly gala but is now directing funds towards arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills.