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Arts opportunities for school children in Mississppi Mills are a vital aspect of a complete education

Eat for the Arts

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House Hop around town over a 3 course meal.


  • You prepare 1 portion of the meal – appetizer, main or dessert. You only serve 6 people, including you and your spouse/partner/friend/older child etc.
  • 1 Hour spent at each location
  • You don’t know who you are dining with until you arrive.
  • Meet new people in your neighbourhood
  • Enjoy a unique evening out with friends, new and old.
  • Support the arts in your community.


  • Only $20.00 per couple. Proceeds go to the Young Awards Foundation.

Other details:

  • Participants must live within 15 mins. travel time to Almonte.
  • Kitchen can be arranged if you live too far out. Ask for details if interested.
  • After party at the Barley Mow

For a detailed description of how a progressive/safari supper works please visit this link.

Karen Gallagher 613.451.0323.
Please call if you have any questions

Author: The Young Awards Foundation

The mission of the Young Awards Foundation is to foster dynamic arts initiatives in the schools of Mississippi Mills. Our principal fundraising activity is an annual gala dinner recognizing artistic and community volunteerism. All funds go toward extra-curricular arts initiatives involving Mississippi Mills schools and students.

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