The Young Awards Foundation

Arts opportunities for school children in Mississppi Mills are a vital aspect of a complete education

How to Apply for a Young Artist Award

Applications are now open!

If you have read everything below and have your materials and links ready, you can apply here.


Ask one to three people to complete a letter of reference. Anyone may write a letter of reference. You are looking for people who know you as an artist and who will support your application. You will need an electronic copy of your reference letters to attach to your application.

You can include this reference letter information sheet when you ask for a reference letter. It will let your reference know what we are looking for.


Tell us or show us who you are and what the arts mean to you. The format of your presentation is up to you. Be creative!

If you include text, you may use any format (paragraphs, a story, a poem or song..). We suggest that you spend no more than four hours creating your presentation. Please limit yourself to two pages of text, 3 minutes of video, or 10 images. If you create a slideshow or other multi-media presentation, it’s best to provide a link to a video of your presentation so that we can view your presentation as you intended.

Need some ideas? Check this page for some thoughts on what you could put in your presentation.


Show us what you do as an artist. You will need a portfolio showing excerpts of your best work. We suggest the following:

  • Written work: no more than 15 pages
  • Video: no more than 10 minutes
  • Images: no more than 25 images

You can submit any or all of the above. Remember that a smaller submission of your best work is better than a larger, less carefully-selected one. Remember Pascal: “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” Take some time to select what best shows your achievements.

Have questions?

Check out our frequently-asked-questions page.

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